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​The big day is here! You have prepared and practiced for this interview and now you are ready to implement all of the skills that you have learned! However there are a few things that your should keep in mind before and after the interview. Make sure you prepare all of your materials, plan your day, and follow up after the interview to ensure the only thing you have to think about is your interview! 

The day before the interview:

  • Make plans for getting to the interview; know exactly where you’re going and to whom you will be speaking. Allow extra time to get to your interview in case there are delays due to rush hour or weather.

  • Review the bus schedule, fill your car with gas; or re-confirm other transportation plans.

  • Decide what you will wear and check that it is clean, pressed, has no missing buttons, etc.

  • Confirm child care and any other plans that require you to depend on someone else. Have a back-up plan in case your primary one falls through.

The night before the interview:

  • Check the weather forecast. Will you need an umbrella?

  • Plan how you will wear your hair and makeup. You shouldn’t try anything new, and your appearance should be appropriate for a professional setting.

  • Your fingernails should be conservative in length and color, and your polish should not be chipped.

  • Do as much of your morning preparation as you can for both yourself and your family.

  • Do something to relax, such as taking a warm bath or exercising.

  • Pack your bag for the interview. Remember to bring:

    • Photo identification for building security or your application

    • Directions to the interview, including floor and suite numbers

    • The name and phone number of the interviewer in case you’re running late

    • A few copies of your resume and cover letter. Don’t forget to prepare a list of professional references, too

    • Samples of your work if you’ve been asked to bring them or think you might have an opportunity to show them

    • The questions you have prepared to ask your interviewer

The day of the interview:

  • Go light on the perfume. If you smoke, try not to until after the interview.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the hiring manager’s office. Aim to arrive 10 minutes early. If you arrive earlier than that, wait outside.

  • If you feel nervous, take a deep breath, count backward from 5. Then exhale slowly to the same count.

  • Once inside, observe your surroundings. Do you like what you see?

  • Turn off your cell phone. The interview is too important to be interrupted.

  • Remember, the interview starts as soon as you step inside the building. Be courteous to everyone you meet because you never know who has a say in the hiring decision.

After the interview:

  • Send the interviewer a thank-you note within 48 hours of your interview. Use the opportunity to restate your qualifications and interest in the position.

Top 10 Qualities Employers Seek

  1. Communication skills

  2. Honesty/Integrity

  3. Teamwork (working well with others)

  4. Interpersonal skills (relating well to others)

  5. Motivation/Initiative

  6. Strong Work Ethic

  7. Analytical Skills

  8. Flexibility/Adaptability

  9. Computer Skills

  10. Organization Skills

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