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It is a very common mistake to forget one of the most important aspects of your job application, the cover letter, but that slip of paper is extremely necessary in your professional package.  The cover letter is your first impression and provides your potential employer with an explanation of WHY they should employ YOU!

This means that the few paragraphs you write should address your audience, elaborate on your applicable skills, and reflect your knowledge of the company or business. This skill can be tricky, but we have provided you with a check list to make sure your cover letter is not only seamless but also demonstrates the best parts of you.


  • 1 Page, 12pt, Times New Roman, Single Spaced

  • Tell a story – your cover letter should flow from an explanation of how you discovered the position, what you know/ like about the company, why the skills/ experience you have fit with the position, to a summary of your letter.

  • Address to the correct individual preferably by name, but “To Whom It May Concern” suffices.

  • Denote which job position you wish to apply for and how you came to know about the position.

  • Display knowledge of the organization by explaining which parts of their mission appeals to your skills or interests you.

  • What do you like about the business/ organization?

  • Briefly explain what main skill or experience makes you a great fit for this position

  • Will you be challenged?

  • Do you have previous experience with this profession that has given you insight on the position or ones like it?

  • DO NOT regurgitate your resume. Reflect on your skills and experience in light of the job description.

  • Where do YOU fit into this roll?

  • Be forward thinking - where can you see your skills being effective for them?

  • ex: "By doing _____, I gained (a skill) that will enable me to _____, _____, and _____ if given the position."

  • Summarize the major skills that align you with the job description

  • Express that you would “welcome the opportunity to discuss my skills in respect to your organization’s goals and how I would fit into your staff”

  • Say you will “follow up” by email

  • Follow Up!​

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